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About the GPP in Math

The UC Riverside GPP in Math allows you to take upper division courses at UCR to prepare for the master's degree or PhD that you want. The cumulative experiences of our mathematics program prepare graduates to conduct quality research in universities or industry, to take on important leadership roles in mathematics education communities, and to enter classrooms better equipped to teach lessons that encourage deeper mathematical thinking.


Receive a transcript from one of the best public university systems in the U.S., the University of California (UC)

  • Get recommendation letters from renowned professors
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree from your home university and prepare for your master's degree or PhD at a top U.S. institution.
  • Immerse yourself in cultural and educational experiences in the U.S.


You will be taught by an interdisciplinary team of internationally-renowned professors from a range of math specialties. To learn more about this distinguished faculty, see the Mathematics Department website.

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Number 3

3 years of study at home university

Number 1

6 weeks of intensive English preparation

One-year senior class (36 units)

Letter X

Any of the following options:
1) UCR graduate program
2) Graduate program at another university
3) One year of O.P.T. in the U.S.

More information about the GPP in Math: